10 reasons

  1. Recycle or re-purpose existing audio content, i.e. podcasts, videos and use the content in a blog or later an Ebook.*
  2. Some people prefer to absorb information through reading rather than listening, so a transcript of your podcast or audio may help you reach a wider audience.
  3. Free voice recorder apps are on most mobile phones now and audio mp3 files can easily be emailed or sent via Whatsapp from your phone to your transcriptionist.
  4. It may help you with clarifying and articulating your work for discussing with clients and colleagues.
  5. You will immediately have some content to edit; rather than a blank page and it may help you get the ball rolling with a piece of writing.
  6. You can work on something else while someone else produces the first draft and deals with the formatting.
  7. You can interview someone and turn it into an article.
  8. If you work with your transcriptionist regularly they can tune into your work quickly, and assist and add value in other ways.
  9. It helps take you away from your computer and stop you being a slave to email, and focus and complete one thing at a time.
  10. It gives you a screen break and your eyes, back and fingers a rest!

*Further listening/reading: BMP155 Jo + Holly ~ How to Get a Book Out of Your Head and Onto Amazon


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