Transcription Terms and Conditions

  • You are responsible for obtaining the relevant consent of any third parties included in the audio files you share with me for transcribing.
  • You are responsible for delivering the audio file to me securely and indicating the level of confidentiality.
  • You are responsible for specifying how I should return the completed transcript to you, whether by email or a secure file transfer provider and ensuring you have checked and are satisfied with the security of the provider.
  • You are responsible for checking the transcript and letting me know if you would like any final amendments.
  • I am responsible for keeping any audio files you send me confidential and for transferring the completed transcript to you via the file transfer provider or email address agreed with you.
  • I will delete your audio files from my device(s) once I have sent you the completed transcript and you have indicated that the work is complete. I will delete the transcript within one month of the date I have sent it to you.
  • Any content created by me as part of transcription process will become your copyright, unless otherwise agreed.


This policy was last reviewed on 31st January 2020 and is reviewed regularly.